11 Arab Writers Develop Projects with the Help of 3 Hollywood Experts
Screen Buzz Selects 9 TV Projects to Participate in Inaugural Workshop in Amman
Cairo, Egypt | Sunday, 29 April 2018:
Screen Buzz announces the selection of nine Arab TV projects to participate in the first edition of its professional workshop series to be launched today in Amman, Jordan with the Royal Film Commission - Jordan (RFC). Screen Buzz is an innovative series of creative workshops powered by AAM bringing top Hollywood writers, directors and producers to the Arab World to support local storytellers in the creation of original, purpose driven content for global audiences.

Workshop participants have the opportunity to develop their projects through direct interaction with three Hollywood experts – Executive Producer Lindsay Goffman (The Good Doctor), Writer and Producer Mark Goffman (Bull | The West Wing), and Writer and Producer Daniel Knauf (Supernatural | Spartacus: Blood and Sand) – who have already achieved global success in the entertainment industry.

Participants also practice pitching their projects to the Hollywood mentors during one-on-one meetings. An essential aspect of Screen Buzz is establishing an ongoing dialogue between the local creatives and Hollywood mentors, which extends beyond the workshops and helps to ensure further advancement of the participants’ projects and opportunities for potential collaboration and co-development.

HRH Princess Rym Ali, a member of AAM’s Middle East Advisory Council in the Arab World and Board Member at the RFC, expressed how important this workshop is by saying, "At the core of everything is storytelling: as a former reporter, I am aware that this is something that takes years of training and practice. This series of workshops, offered by some of the best in the global industry, is a great opportunity for filmmakers to continue growing and learning, as our local Jordanian and regional Arab film industry develops." A reception will be held in Amman, this evening at The Royal Film Commission (RFC), to mark the official launch of Screen Buzz, which will focus this year on the craft of screenwriting for television, through collaboration between the region’s most promising screenwriters and top Hollywood talent.

TV Projects and Screenwriters Participating in the Screen Buzz Workshop in Amman:

Project: Beit Jeddo (Grandpa's House)
Screenwriter: Rami Delshad

Project: Mohtajaz (Trapped)
Screenwriter: Rema Saoub, Yazan Jumaa

Project: Wast Al Balad Amman (Downtown Amman)
Screenwriter: Zaina Deeb

Project: Banat Amman (Girls of Amman)
Screenwriter: Manal Shemat

Project: Al Theaab (Wolves)
Screenwriter: Mohammad Hushki, Emad Al Mohtaseb

Project: Al Masdar (The Source)
Screenwriter: Samya Ayesh

Project: Al Balat Al Malaky (The Royal Court)
Screenwriter: Abdallah Bin Zeid, Kareem Bississo

Project: Falafel El Sheikh (The Sheikh's Falafel)
Screenwriter: Sherif Nakhla

Project: Qisas Ordoneyah (Jordanian Stories)
Screenwriter: Ahmad Al Khatib

Dedicated to sharpening the skills of screenwriters from across the Arab world, Screen Buzz workshops will take place in key cities across the Middle East in 2018.

Workshops are held under the supervision of AAM’s Middle East Advisory Council, which includes seven of the most prominent Arab figures in the film and TV industry: H.E. Noura Al Kaabi, UAE Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development (UAE); HRH Princess Rym Ali, Founder of the Jordan Media Institute and Board Member at the Royal Film Commission (Jordan); actress Yousra (Egypt); actress and director Nadine Labaki (Lebanon); actress and producer Saba Mubarak (Jordan); Ali Jaber, Group TV Director MBC (UAE); and actress Hend Sabry (Tunisia).

To carry out this initiative in the Arab world, AMM has joined hands with MAD Solutions and partnered with its Arab Cinema Center (ACC), organized by MAD.