is a writer and producer, best known for Rome (2005), The Saint (1997) and Sliver (1993). Macdonald co-created and executive produced HBO’s critically acclaimed Rome, writing the bible for both seasons of the series, and going on to receive a Golden Globe and Writers Guild nomination for his writing. He is currently producing the 10-part series The Flying Tigers in Qingtao, China, for which he co-wrote the scripts and is directing one episode. Macdonald is also adapting and developing several new projects including: Storyville, the tale of America’s most notorious red-light district in New Orleans for Epix channel; The Woman Who Defied Kings, based on Andree Aelion Brooks’ biography regarding the extraordinary life and times of Dona Gracia Nasi; and Arch Alien, a sci-fi series created by Macdonald and Stan Lee of Spiderman, Iron Man and Avengers fame. Macdonald is often credited for coining the phrase “edutainment” to describe his philosophy of using television programs to entertain while simultaneously educating the audience, particularly young viewers.