Middle East Advisory Council
Nelly Karim started her career as a ballet dancer before being introduced to audiences by the renowned Faten Hamama, a turning point in her career which has continued to evolve ever since. Karim was selected to join the jury of the Orizzonti section (Horizons) at the Venice International Film Festival in 2016.

The dancer-turned-actress rose to fame when she was cast in Youssef Chahine's film Alexandria..NewYork in 2004. Over the following years, she appeared in a diverse array of film hits, including: Enta Omri (2004), which won her the Best Actress Award at Cairo International Film Festival; One-Zero (2009) opposite Elham Shahin and Kamla Abouzekri; and 678 Cairo (2010). In 2016, Nelly starred in Mohamed Diab's post-revolution drama Clash, followed by Mohamed Ali's Bashtery Ragel (2017). She also starred in Kamla Abouzekri's drama A Day for Women, which won her the Best Actress Award along with Elham Shahin and Nahed El Sebai at the Kazan International Muslim Film Festival.

During the past few years, Nelly made headlines with her different TV drama hits including; Zat (2013), Women's Prison (2014), both directed by Kamla Abouzekri, Taht El Saytara by Tamer Mohsen (2015), Soqoot Hor (2016) by Shaouki El Majeri, Le Ala'a Se'r (2017) by Mohamed Adl, which garnered high ratings during the Ramadan season, and Disappearance (2018) by Ahmed Medhat.

She served as a jury member in several regional and international film festivals including the Child Protection Award at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival in 2014 and the Venice International Film Festival in 2016. Nelly also served as the Chairwoman of the Jury for the Short Film Competition at the first El Gouna Film Festival in 2017.