Middle East Advisory Council
Ali Jaber
Is a well-known media professional whose long career has had a deep impact on the media landscape in the region, especially Lebanon and the UAE.

He is the Group TV Director of the Middle East Broadcasting Corporation’s (MBC) 12 channels. After completing his Master’s degree in Communications at Syracuse University in the US, Ali joined the Fine Arts Faculty of Beirut University College (now the Lebanese American University) helping to set up their broadcasting department and teaching a range of courses in TV production. In 1992, then Prime Minister Rafic Hariri approached Ali to set up what later became Future TV, a privately-owned pan-Arab television station based in Beirut. During the same period, Ali worked as a journalist covering the wars in Lebanon and Iraq between 1987 and 1999, and was the chief correspondent for the German Press Agency DPA in Lebanon and Syria. He also worked as a correspondent for the New York Times and the Times of London between 1989 and 1994.In 2004, he was approached to work as consultant on the revamp of Dubai Media Incorporated’s 4 pan-Arab satellite channels, which included restructuring the channels’ on-air branding and content. In 2006, Ali was appointed as DMI’s Managing Editor

In 2008, Ali set up the Communications School at the American University of Dubai. He was subsequently named Dean of the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Communication.

Ali Jaber also serves on the Board of Directors of the Young Arab Leaders and on the Advisory Board of the American University of Beirut, School of Architecture and Design in Lebanon.